Team Sirius 2.0
Mission Statement

We are a small group of people making a BIG difference.

Team Sirius is a group of Friends and Family
(and Friends of Family, and Family of Friends, and Friends of Friends)
who are helping people who need us.

As a group, we are committed to supporting, raising money for, and donating our time to small non-profit organizations throughout Missouri and Southern Illinois.

We walk, run, cycle, play, bake, dine, and create ways to
raise money and awareness for organizations who are helping people. 

Join us in making a difference.



Team Sirius

Team Sirius Board Members

Gayle Gallagher (314) 221-6685
Dr. Susan Sczepanski (573) 881-2611
Brendon Gallagher (314) 283-6223
Bud Straumann (314) 406-1058
Missey Vancil (314) 608-4971


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